pros and cons of having a job

pro: i can save up for a new computer so i can hopefully talk to my tea fairy friends again soon because i miss them even tho they might not miss me, but oh well.

con: i actually have to work… i have to get up and actually move. |:

on an unrelated note, i’m watching something on trutv and a cop is talking about how this guy was having sex with a table… wat

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i also like how my laptop doesn’t work anymore and now i have to use my phone… the same phone that hates skype so i can’t talk to anyone. ; - ;

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i love how in a matter of a few weeks, more shit happens than basically in my entire life. i managed to lose a good friend, get a job and meet a bajillion new awesome people, join a gym, and enroll in art classes. i barely have any free time. ; ^ ; i’m happy that i have a life now, but i miss just chilling in my room in front of my computer too.

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Someone need to put Thor and Loki in this gif xDDD 

I’m putting this hear in the hopes that someone will ACTUALLY DO THIS.
Requesting a Thor/Loki gif of this so bad now. xDD

dont hate me pls

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Reblog if you have a deep meaningful and powerful username

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can we just take a moment to talk about Gary’s face here, or

tears… omFG GAYRY

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1) I went to a party with my friend. I got so drunk that I winded up dancing with a vacuum while singing the first Pokemon theme song. I don’t remember anything after that, but I’m sure it only got worse from there.

2) I was feeling pretty crappy over the weekend because I missed my babbus (Gayry and Shazzy). While they were having fun, I was basically all sobs, so I decided to invite one of my guy friends over. Eh… yeah. Let’s just say Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will never be the same again.

3) I got really, really, really, insanely bored on Sunday… I made the biggest mistake of my life… I started… to watch… Naruto. (NEVER AGAINNNNN)

4) I went to the mall by myself and sat in a coffee shop for a good five hours just drawing random people and being a creep.

5) I actually did my Algebra homework. Scary. I know.

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